Mame Sy's After-School Daycare Center: Donations
La Porte de L'espoir
  Mame Sy (pronounced: Mamsi) gives children some hope for the future
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The after-school daycare center in Atar, Mauritania, was founded by Susanne Heckmann and Mame Sy. A dream became reality, and a door, the door to hope, opened up for a handful of children.

What is the money needed for?

About 650 euros are needed every month to pay for rent, food, writing materials and the salary of the teacher. At the moment, 450 euros are being raised through donations every month. To ensure that the project can go on, the rest is provided from a special savings account. Help us to make up the balance through donations only.

Every Euro helps. Give us your support, no matter how big or small your donation.
Small standing orders are ideal, but one-time donations are also very welcome. The funds will be transferred to the account below, and every cent of the money goes to Atar, directly to Mame Sy's after-school daycare center. We have no administration. Everyone who helps out does so as a volunteer, which guarantees that all of your donation will benefit the children.

Donations Account:

Stiftung Kirchmann – Kirchenstiftung

IBAN: DE94 7506 9015 0600 203122  

Note: Use the following purpose: 'Mauretanien' or 'La Porte de l'Espoir'

Thank you very much on behalf of all children and Mame Sy ;-)

© by Susanne Heckmann Screenwork: Jürgen Weimar