Kirchmann Foundation

.. continues the work of Susanne Heckmann in Mauritania.

Kirchmann Foundation wins initiative

The Kirchmann Foundation from Abensberg continues the work of Susanne Heckmann in Mauritania and wants to find a future for the children in the desert.

“La porte de l’espoir”, Susanne Heckmann’s “Door of Hope” for children of the desert in Mauritania remains open. The Abensberg Kirchmann Foundation integrates Heckmann’s aid project, a support center for children in the desert town of Atar, into its area of ​​responsibility. The foundation of the Abensberg entrepreneur couple Felicitas and Hanns-Peter Kirchmann, “Main dans la Main – Kirchmann for Africa”, has its work focus in Burkina Faso. For six years now, the foundation has been supporting and expanding a medical center there in Sabou, about 100 kilometers west of the capital Ouagadougou, which is run by Italian and Polish Franciscan Fathers.