Postal address:

Susanne Heckmann
Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 5
D-93047 Regensburg

T. +49 941 55285

Susanne Heckmann spends the winter months in Atar (Mauritania) and works for the survival of the project. And the fact that the project is so popular with the children makes her happy. Many children are begging to join the after-school daycare center, which in the meantime has grown from originally 9 children to 50 children today – and will likely continue to grow.

The fact that 14 of 16 children passed their Collège (secondary school) entrance exam can only be called a resounding success!! Almost incredible, considering under what social conditions these children have grown up. In the future, the next generation of children will also increasingly be taught technical skills, especially gardening would be very important!

Help us to give the children a chance.