Mame Sy's

after-school daycare center

Mame Sy's after-school daycare center

“La Porte de l’Espoir” – “The door to hope”
For the children in Africa, this means:

going to school, an education, knowledge, social interaction and much more!

This door to hope has opened a little for some of the poorest children in Atar (Mauritania). In Mame Sy’s after-school daycare center “La Porte de l’Espoir”, 50 of them get help with their homework, special education, individual support and a meal every day.

Regular attendance of a public school is a prerequisite which, among other things, keeps children from winding up on the streets in utter neglect (“donate, donate!”).

The children make progress in school and not only practice social behavior, but also learn tolerance, cooperation and hygiene, etc.

In the evening, before the children go back to their families, they get a nutritious meal – for many the only meal of the day! But renting a room, paying a professional teacher and books … – all of this costs money, a lot of money!
Help us keep the “door to hope” open for the children!
Make a donation – small standing orders are ideal, but one-time donations are also very welcome. The money is transferred to a special account, and every cent of it goes to Atar, directly to Mame Sy’s after-school daycare center. We have no administration, everyone who helps out does so as a volunteer. This is how we can guarantee that all of your donation will benefit the children.